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Historic Highlights

The Prestatyn soul weekender was born in March 2002, when around 1,000 devoted soul fans attended the North Wales venue. With live performances from Ray Pollard and Tony Middleton, and impressed with the site, the location, and with what they saw and heard musically, the reports were extremely positive and the new venture soon began to gather pace and, funded and organised  by owners Pontins  (working with a small team of advisors) it wasn't long before the event became a highlight on the Northern Soul calendar.

By the time of the second event in 2003 , bookings had soared and as a result the organisers were able to attract more top soul names including Lou Pride (RIP), Gwen Owens and Don "Cheatin' Kind" Gardner, plus, to help establish a "Modern" room, the contemporary soul star Ann Nesby. 

Don Gardner 

Ann Nesby

Melvin Davis  

Bobby Hutton

Baby Washington

By now attendances had grown dramatically, attracted by the great value accommodation deals, the live acts and the unique Prestatyn "vibe".

In 2004, over 2,000 soul fans from all around the UK witnessed a sensational show from Phil Perry, ably supported by Bobby Hutton, Baby Washington, Cody Black and Detroit legend, Melvin Davis in the Northern arena.

In addition to this glittering array of American soul performers, it should not go unnoticed that Prestatyn has always been very much the "people's" soul weekender. Yes, many top DJs played there but there was always a place to showcase the up-and-coming DJs, and the various venues from all around the UK that they represented. For example, the collectors sets in the Queen Vic pub have become legendary over the years, as have the rare 60s, Crossover and soulful house sets in the "House of Soul" venue, one of five rooms that were developed at the event between 2001 and 2011.

By 2005 Prestatyn was firmly established as the leading event of its kind, and the roster of American acts attracted to appear there reflected this: Adriana Evans, Lorraine Chandler, Eddie Parker, Troy Keyes, James Bell and the return of Melvin Davis.

Additionally, there was now even more entertainment on offer as the 24-hour on-site radio station was set up to enable the DJs and collectors to host their own programmes throughout the weekend, leading to quirky, educational and absorbing listening!

In 2006, the array of live acts was as impressive as ever with Detroit supergroup The Precisions complemented by Lou Ragland, Dean Courtney, Doni Burdick, Nolan (NF) Porter and Temptation, Barrington Henderson, followed in March 2007 with Prince Phillip Mitchell, Pat Lewis, Morris Chestnut, Roy Roberts, Melisa Morgan and the legendary Dee Dee Sharp.

Lou Ragland

Swamp Dogg

Prince Phillip Mitchell

Adriana Evans

Sam Hutchins / The Masqueraders

By now Prestatyn had reached international acclaim, to the point where artists were asking to appear at the new "home of the Northern Soul" weekender. In 2008, soul fans were treated to Gloria Jones, The Del-Larks, Jerry Williams and encore performances from both Gwen Owens and The Precisions.

These artist line ups were pretty unbeatable, and it should not be forgotten that by 2006 Pontins had then, due to demand, started a second annual Prestatyn weekender in October of each year, entitled "The Legends of Motown and Soul" with class acts appearing including The Contours , Brenda Holloway, Bobby Taylor, The original Vandellas with Pat Lewis, The Spinners, Dean Parrish, The Masqueraders and Tavares appearing at the autumn event between 2006-2010.

2009 saw visits from Detroit legends, The Volumes ably supported by Bobby Patterson, Lenis Guess, Benny Troy and in the Modern Room, Marcel and the Truth.

2010 saw more terrific stage performances from The Hesitations, Kenny Hamber, Sidney Barnes and Mary Love, while in the Modern Room we were treated to Kenny Bobien, Stephanie Cooke, and Tortured Soul.

The 10th anniversary in March 2011 was, however a bitter-sweet celebration.....10 fantastic years had seen the event become pivotal for the scene, and attendances had risen from under one thousand to over three times that figure. However, Pontins as a company had by then been forced into administration, and for a variety of reasons, it was too late for the new owners Britannia to continue the event into its 11th year.

Prestatyn returned in March 2013 bigger and better than ever with triumphant live performances from Audio, The Vibrations and Ronnie McNeir. Most of the UKs to record dealers attended and all five venues were busy throughout, with over 50 top DJs entertaining the crowd of over 3000 who had travelled to North Wales from all parts of the world! Then in March 2014 we were proud to present one of the greatest live shows ever seen from the iconic soul group The Impressions, supported by Detroit legend Spyder Turner, plus in the Modern Room, a superb nu-soul showcase from Natasha Watts. We are now really looking forward to March 2015 when our 4-day event is headlined by 60s soul superstar MITCH RYDER, making his first-ever appearance here in the UK and THE NEW YORK NORTHERN SOUL REVUE featuring original members of both THE SPELLBINDERS and THE INVITATIONS!!